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Last year Bay Farm Tours celebrated 40 years in the business of providing tours to those with an interest in agriculture and rural issues. Since our first tour to Canada in 1981, we have escorted clients to countries right around the world to observe a wide range of farming customs and agricultural practices, and to enjoy some unforgettable sightseeing opportunities together.

We have travelled to over 41 countries and have delivered over 500 tours with in excess of 15,000  travellers.

We do all the planning and logistics, providing you with everything you need for your adventure. From all flights and transport to connecting you with local farmers and planning activities. We’ve developed each tour with exactly the right mix of agriculture, sightseeing and recreation to create a one of kind travel experience.

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From small seeds grow mighty trees.
The story of how we began:

Angus and Betty in Hong Kong en-route to

New Zealand early 90’s.


Part of a group heading out for Canadian Royal Winter Fair Tour and taking a dog from the Longton’s to its new owner in Canada.

From the Beginning

In 1981 Angus and Betty McSporran, with their son Neil,  organised a small family trip to Canada for the wedding of a relative. As everybody in the group was involved in farming, Angus, Neil & Betty arranged visits to several attractions in the area as well as a couple of farms and the McCormack International Tractor Factory.


From that family wedding the idea of Bay Farm Tours was hatched and later that year the first escorted group tour went to Canada incorporating the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. Year on year we have added numerous worldwide destinations, always chosen carefully to ensure diverse, stimulating and comfortable itineraries.


Angus continued his work in agriculture, and worked as one of the tour guides, accompanied by Betty. Neil commuted between London and Lancashire many weekends before finally leaving his teaching job in July 1983 to work full time in the Bay Travel office during the day and developing new itineraries for Bay Farm Tours in the evening. Today Neil runs Bay Farm Tours and our sister company Bay Travel with his wife Janet.


Here we would like to thank Angus and Betty, it was their drive, determination and ambition that got the business going in those early days. Testament to Betty's strength and commitment to the business, she still visits us in the office daily. That is apart from the many weeks of the year she spends abroad. Even at the grand age of 94 she still loves to travel. Thank you Betty

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Why choose us?

There are so many things that make Bay Farm Tours stand out as the very best, so many we have made a list of them. Click for more reasons to book

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The pace of a tour

All of our tours are graded by pace to help you choose the right break for you. Click to see a list of all our tours and the description of each grade

Our office team

Our wonderful team based in Morecambe offer personal service, excellent assistance and, of course, they'll book you a great holiday

Our tour managers

Our tour managers are experienced in agriculture and travel, exceptionally organised and know how to have a good time

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Bay Farm Tours Adventure 


30th Aug to 7th Sept 2022


8 days


15th to 23rd September 2022


9 days


2nd to 11th September 2022


10 days

Atlantic Canada
Atlantic Canada

30th Sep to 9th/14th Oct 2022

Atlantic Canada

10/15 days

Norfolk & Suffolk *New*
Norfolk & Suffolk *New*

18th to 23rd September 2022

Norfolk & Suffolk *New*

6 days

Heart of Africa
Heart of Africa

9th to 20th October 2022

Heart of Africa

12 days

Cattle Ranch, Australia


How to book

Request an itinerary and from there it's so simple. Just fill in the booking form and we will organise the rest. Give us a call or send us an email and we can reserve you a place for up to 3 days while you get the form filled in.

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