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Worldwide Agricultural and Sightseeing Tours

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Discover the UK with Bay Farm Tours

28th June to 12th July 2022

The UK has corners far and wide to be explored and agriculture is the patchwork of our country.

British agriculture is a story to be told and with our vast network of farmers from around the United Kingdom, we curate inbound and domestic tours that explore the varied diversification in UK agriculture alongside our iconic culture and beauty. 

When you travel with Bay Farm Tours in the UK you tap into our network of over a 1000 farmers.


British Agriculture


UK Highlights


Upcoming in the UK

Lancashire Roses

  • Guided tour of Lisbon

  • Guided tour of Oporto

  • Cruise along the Douro River

  • Interesting agricultural visits

  • Visit to small Atlantic fishing village

  • Visit to modern fruit and vegetable packing plant

  • Douro valley with impressive terraces of vines and olive tree

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Our tour features the finest attractions of Western Canada: Vancouver Island, The Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park and the impressive cities of Calgary and Vancouver. This trip of a lifetime provides an opportunity to see and appreciate this most scenic part of Canada, and of course the spectacular Calgary Stampede.

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