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Isle of Orkney

Isle of Orkney 

Early July 2020

Destination Information

New UK Tour for 2020.

Lying off the coast of mainland Scotland, Orkney is steeped in history, has a green and fertile landscape, spectacular beaches, varied wildlife and towering cliffs. The climate rarely goes above 20ÂșC in the summer but due to the maritime climate and the Atlantic Ocean the island rarely experiences snow, making it very conducive to many types of agricultural production.

Our tour will be based at Kirkwall on the largest island, which is known as Mainland and will investigate this interesting community which has been established for at least 6,000 years.


  • Neolithic Heritage Sites
  • Whisky Distillery
  • The Italian Capital (Built by Italian Prisoners of War)
  • Varied Agricultural Visits
  • Corrigal Farm Museum